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Oct 23 2019


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Non-Traditional Approaches to Housing: A Practitioner’s View

This webinar continues to explore innovative and person-centered approaches to housing. According to Dr. Michael Kendrick, it is possible to develop non-traditional housing solutions that support an individual’s lifestyle, priorities and specific needs, rather than trying to make a “fixed” or standardized  support model work for the individual. He’ll discuss:

  • Self and family-governed support models
  • Role of family service and housing cooperatives
  • Addressing a person’s vulnerabilities and possible safeguards
  • And other considerations for parents

RSVP at https://mfofc.org/housing-webinar-series/october-16-housing-webinar-registration/


MFOFC Webinar Series on Housing Non-Traditional Approaches to Housing: Practitioner's View October 23 2019

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