Annual Flexible Family Support Plans

Photo: MFOFC Family Leaders in front of Massachusetts Capitol Building

We are proud of our work to write and pass legislation that revolutionized Family Support services in Massachusetts.

After 11 long years of filing the Individual and Family Support legislation 8 different times, it finally passed into law, signed by then Governor Jane Swift.

Since 2002, we have worked toward the full implementation of the Individual and Family Supports law, Chapter 171. Due to our efforts, each of the 7 state disability agencies write Annual Plans regarding their family support services. Families across all the agencies are finally developing a voice and being consulted as policy is set.

A Brief History of Chapter 171 History

Chapter 171 requires certain state agencies to issue annual plans stating their specific goals for implementation of the Act in the following year. Below, you will find these agencies' plans for each fiscal year. You may also find them online at

FY 2015

FY 2014

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