Multimedia Presentations

What’s Out There? – A webinar presentation by Sophia Johansson (May 16, 2016). An overview of publicly available services and supports that exist for families of children with special health care needs, developmental disabilities, and/or chronic illnesses. Also available: Webinar Transcript, Webinar Slides, Webinar Handouts.

Reports, Directories & Links

Statewide Family Support Directory – Massachusetts Department of Developmental Disabilities; September 2015

Human Rights Resources for Families (April 2016)

The Role of Families & Guardians in Safeguarding Human Rights

MA21 – Implementing a 21st Century┬áDisability Policy

Family Support and Self-Determination – Connections to a Life in the Community

My Individual Support Plan, a Guide for Self Advocates

What is Family Support?

Make Chapter 171 Work for You and Your Family!

Utility of Trouble Report

The Utility of Trouble: Maximizing the Value of Our Human Services Dollars (Executive Summary) – Report by The Boston Foundation and the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation

Articles & Inspiration

The Natural Authority of the Family Voice:

Circling Back – by Jocelyn Duff, Northeast Region Family Leadership Series participant and Executive Director of the The Talia Duff Foundation To Cure CMT4J

The Day I Realized That My Special Needs Child Deserves to Live an Enviable Life – by Nicole Feeney (Advocacy Boot Camp & Southeast Region Family Leadership Series Participant)

Brian Kovalski, Parent – by Brian Kovalski (Central Region Family Leadership Series participant)

Enviable Life – Imagine Better – by Chris Peltier (West Region Family Leadership Series graduate, former MFOFC Board Member)

Parent Job Description – by Ingrid Flory (West Regional Coordinator for MFOFC)

The Natural Authority of Families – by Michael Kendrick

Links to Useful Resources

Selected Resources and Links to other web sites with useful information in the following categories:

  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • Regional Information
  • National Information
  • Independent Living Centers
  • Waivers
  • Additional Information

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