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MFOFC A Full Life Ahead Series

A Full Life Ahead Series is offered in the Northeast Region by Massachusetts Families Organizing for Change in partnership with Riverside Community Care, Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress (MDSC) and The Arc of Greater Haverhill-Newburyport.

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Upcoming Events in Burlington

Location: Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress

February 14, 2018 TBD

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Transicion- De la escuela a la edad adulta

23 de octubre 6:00 – 8:00 PM

Haverhill Public Library – Milhendler Room

99 Main Street, Haverhill, MA

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October 11, 2017

Healthcare Coverage for Adults with Disabilities 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Mass Down Syndrome Congress
Lower Level Conference Room
20 Burlington Mall Road
Burlington, MA

~ Space is limited! ~

Please RSVP to O. Sophia Johansson

January 11, 2017

7-9 pm

From Institution to Independence

Presenter: Self-advocate Donna Jay

Donna Jay will discuss the significance of self-advocacy and self-determination for persons living with disability. As a former resident of two different institutions, Donna moved out of the institution and went on to graduate from Gloucester High School. She lived in a group home and eventually moved into her own apartment. Stories like Donna’s help us understand that there are fantastic opportunities out there for all of us!

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February 8, 2017
7-9 pm

A Full Life Without Prioritization

This workshop is an opportunity to learn about the various programs, benefits, supports, and subsidies that families can piece together to fund an independent adult life. Our presenter will describe how he utilized these to create a support system for his 27 year old son, Zachary, who currently lives in an apartment in Brookline and goes to work each day, independently, to his full time job in downtown Boston.

This workshop will be presented by Michael Weiner, Treasurer of the Federation for Children with Special Needs and member of his local DDS Citizens Advisory Board.

Mike is a financial advisor for the Commonwealth Financial Group, as well as a registered investment advisor and licensed insurance agent. His professional practice is devoted to assisting families in integrating all available benefits into a comprehensive plan for their loved one with special needs. Mike resides in Medfield with his wife, Susan. Their youngest son, Zachary, has developmental delays and an intellectual disability. He lives in an apartment in Brookline and works at a full time job in downtown Boston.

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March 8, 2017
7-9 PM

Participant Directed Program

Participant Directed Program (PDP) is one of two options available for self-direction, or when individuals control their adult budget allocations from the Department of Developmental Services. Attendees will hear about the requirements and approval process, limitations on how the allocation is spent, and additional funding sources to supplement a PDP allocation.

This workshop will be presented by Andi Lunden, a member of the Advisory Board for the Real Lives Law and a much sought-after speaker on the topic of self-direction.

Andi Lunden lives in Chatham, Massachusetts with her 31 year-old daughter, Carol, who is “self-directing” in the Participant Directed Program. Andi strongly believes that Carol should lead a life based on personal interests in her own community. Carol, who has cerebral palsy, lives a life that is full of purpose and fun using the Participant Directed Program in concert with other resources. Andi is passionate about empowering other individuals and families to utilize this option for DDS adult services.

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April 12, 2017



May 10, 2017

Self Direction and Self Determination

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A Full Life Ahead series is also being offered in other regions. CLICK HERE for additional locations and dates.