MFOFC A Full Life Ahead Series

A Full Life Ahead is a series of workshops designed for parents and caregivers as they plan for the future of their loved one with a disability.

Many workshop topics are offered, including friendships, transition, employment, housing and financial planning.

The workshops and resources provided will help lead to interdependent, full lives in the community for people with disabilities.

The series takes place in the five regions of MFOFC. Workshops may be presented in one or more of the MFOFC Regions: Central, Metro Boston, Northeast, Southeast (Taunton), Southeast (Matapoisett), and West. You are welcome to attend any workshop at any of these locations.

Below is a listing of workshop topics for the current series. Click to each region’s page for details on locations, dates and directions.

New workshops and locations are being planned. To receive update notices on this series and other MFOFC events, please join our mailing list.

Workshop Topics

Adult Family Care & Shared Living: What to Know

The Alphabet Soup of Resources – PCA, AFC, SSI


Presentation: Adult Family Care/Foster Care

The Big Picture: Creating Housing Options & Financing the Vision

Creating a Home for Your Loved One–Combining Personal Resources & Government Benefits

Creating Housing Options

Employment – Let’s Get to Work

Employment – Where the Jobs Are


Employment in the Community – Where the Jobs Are by David Hoff

Ensuring Excellence in Community Based Supports by David Hoff, Cori Di Biase, and Genni Sasnet [acrobat]

Volunteering, Internships and Unpaid Word Experiences: Legal and Practical Guidelines Prepared by David Hoff

Massachusetts Employment First Policy

NCI Data Brief

Tapping into the Power of Families: How Families of Youth with Disabilities Can Assist in Job Search and Retention

Going to College – Why Not?

The Housing Choice Voucher Program


Housing Choice Voucher Program

Frequently Asked Questions: Section 8 Project-Based Voucher Program

About Section 8 (Housing Choice Vouchers

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Centralized Waiting List – How to Apply to the Centralized Waiting List

Leaving the School System

Massachusetts Autism Omnibus Law

Person Centered Planning – Imagine Better


The Key To Creating an Enviable and Sustainable Life

Planning for Life After Special Education in Massachusetts

Planning for the Good Things of Life

Planning for Two Generations

Real Lives, Real Choices


Real Lives, Real Choices Powerpoint Presentation

The Road Forward: DDS and Chapter 688 Transitional Services for Massachusetts Families


Chapter 688 and DDS Adult Eligibility

Section 8 & Other Affordable Housing Options



Special Needs Trusts & Legal Concerns

A Team to Carry On

Turning 22: Adult Services. What should I be thinking about? What are the options? Voice and Choice for Individuals with Disabilities


The Power of Choice

What Families Need to Know About Special Needs Trusts, Guardianship and Other Legal Concerns

What is Individual and Family Support? Who is eligible and how do I get it?

What Makes a House a Home?


What Makes a House a Home?

What Your Child Needs – All About Assessments and Evaluations


Supports Intensity Scale

Widening the Circle, Expanding Opportunities for Friendships between People with and Without Disabilities

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