Position Papers

Our position papers reflect the Core Values and Guiding Principles of our organization. We have developed these position papers in response to some of the most serious issues impacting people with disabilities and their families.

Position Paper on Meetings at Certain Facilities
[Adopted September 26, 2001; Revised June 26, 2006; amended November 2, 2012; amended February 5, 2014; amended February 2015]

Complete Position Statement

Position Paper on Aversive Behavioral Practices
[Adopted August 29, 2007; Updated November 2, 2012]

Complete Position Statement

Complete Position Statement – Spanish

Position Paper on State Facilities
[Adopted February 1, 2008; amended November 2. 2012; amended February 5, 2014; amended February 8, 2015]

Complete Position Statement

Documento de positión a las instituciones del estado


  • The possibilities for individuals with disabilities are infinite when we “imagine better.”
  • Individuals with disabilities and families are the ultimate decision makers in all areas of supports and services that are appropriate for all members of their family.
  • Individuals with disabilities and families benefit from advocacy and leadership training to access and procure supports and services responsive to their ever-changing, life-long needs.
  • The uniqueness of every family is honored and respected.
  • Individuals with disabilities and families living in our communities have access to the wide array of opportunities and resources available to all community members.

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