Legislative Focus FY 2015

MFOFC Supports H.4237

Chapter 255 – AN ACT RELATIVE TO REAL LIVES Approved by the Governor Deval Patrick, August 6, 2014.

The Real Lives law expands the ability of individuals with disabilities to decide where and with whom they want to live and work by allowing them to self-direct their individualized support/services dollars provided under the Department of Developmental Services (DDS).

This legislation was sponsored by Rep. Tom Sannicandro and Senator Clark.

Real lives for individuals with disabilities: The bill expands the ability
of people to direct their own public funds. It requires that the administration
implement certain new policies and procedures so as to allow public funds
to be used as flexibly as possible by the individual or family.

Real Lives Bill – Full text, as enacted

VIDEO: Rep. Sannicandro discusses the Real Lives Bill

Real Lives Law Fact Sheet

Real Lives – Real Choices
Slide Presentation by MFOFC, March 2015