About Us

MFOFC’s Annual Report 2016/2017

Who Are We?

We are a statewide, grassroots coalition of individuals with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses and their families. We believe that supports for individuals and families can be more flexible and better designed to respond to the actual needs people have. We are actively organizing families and individuals to use the power of our numbers to effect positive change.

We are the people who understand most deeply how effective services can assist in helping individuals with disabilities to achieve the best within themselves. We also understand how inclusive communities benefit us all. We have joined together and “organized for change.”

What Do We Do?

Members of MFOFC have written and passed legislation to create statewide policy and practice for individual and family support. We have sponsored various conferences, workshops and forums to inform and educate individuals, families and community members about advocacy, services and local, state and federal resources.

MFOFC provides information, leadership training and support to families, and also has regular regional meetings for families and individuals. Each region of Massachusetts has representation at the statewide Steering Committee. We welcome all people who are interested in the issues we pursue and encourage new members to join with us.

Read about the current priorities and goals of MFOFC.

Our Activities Include:

MFOFC Partners with Professionals & Community Organizations, such as:

  • Community Education: We educate members of our communities about the contributions of individuals with disabilities and/or chronic illnesses and their families and the kinds of support they need.
  • Leadership Training: We support the education and empowerment of individuals and families through leadership training. With the increased leadership and advocacy skills of families, we strengthen the ability to create change in the way support is provided to individuals with disabilities and their families.

What Are Our Goals?

I To participate in and monitor the implementation of Chapter 171, “An Act Providing Support to Individuals with Disabilities and Their Families.” This critical Legislation calls for more flexible home and community supports. It was signed into law on July 26, 2002.

II To work with the legislature to increase the percentage of funding for family support within each of the EOHHS disability focused agencies.

III To work with like-minded organizations to close Massachusetts state institutions and work to strengthen the community system of supports so that people can live safe, meaningful lives in their local communities.

IV To provide leadership and other trainings for individuals and families and develop a process toward empowerment for families and individuals throughout the state of Massachusetts that will strengthen our ability to create change in the way support is provided to individuals and their families.